Course Safety Rules



  • Adventure Golf is played with a ball and putter. The aim of the game is to get the ball from the teeing-off area in to the hole in as few strokes (attempts) as possible
  • The Adventure Golf course has 18 clearly marked lanes (holes)
  • The holes must be played in sequential order. Hole jumping is not permitted
  • The teeing-off area is between the numbered hole markers but not beyond
  • A ball in play can only be moved by a stroke of the putter and can only be played from a position of rest
  • Maximum number of strokes to hole the ball is 6
  • If 6 strokes are made and the ball hasn’t been holed an additional point should be added i.e. 7 points
  • If a ball escapes the hole it should be repositioned at the point where it exited the boundary of the hole
  • If a ball comes to rest directly against the boundary of the hole it can be repositioned no further than the length of the putter head from the boundary
  • The winner is the person with the lowest score
  • The following rules are designed to protect the safety of all participants playing Adventure Golf


  • When putting do not swing the putter higher than knee height
  • 1 metre distance must be maintained from players during putting
  • Golf clubs are not permitted – only Adventure Golf putters issued by Adventure Experience are permitted
  • Stay to the paths and do not run
  • Do not climb on the rocks or rope barriers
  • Do not touch or climb on the Dinosaur props
  • Do not enter the water or attempt to retrieve escaped balls or putters from the water
  • Smoking is not permitted on the course
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the course
  • Litter must be placed in the litters bins provided
  • You must notify a member of the Adventure Experience team of any injuries before leaving


Adventure Golf is an all year round outdoor activity, which can be enjoyed regardless of the UK’s changeable weather conditions, subject to our FAQs and the weather conditions set-out below:

  • Extreme wind conditions
  • Thunderstorms (lightening/flooding)
  • Heavy ice or snow

In the event of these weather conditions the course will be closed, for your safety, and all participants will be asked to vacate the course.